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The Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and Ontario's public universities and colleges partner to support access to postsecondary education. The principles of the student access guarantee initiative include the expectation that the student, and sometimes his or her family will participate in financing postsecondary education, based on their available financial resources, and that where additional financial support is needed students will access OSAP support first.

The Work–Study program offers financial support to students. To meet the (MTCU) access to post secondary education initiative and the increasing demand for work on campus, a new funding model is being introduced in Fall/Winter 2011-2012. Students must complete an application for OSAP and receive a notice of assessment prior to applying for Work-study. The amount of OSAP funding available to a student will be included in the Work-study unmet need calculation. Students are not required to take the OSAP funding.

Fall/Winter Experimental Learning 2011-2012

The Fall/Winter Work Study program works in partnership with academic units, administrative units, faculty, staff and students to support the practice and scholarship of learning at Ryerson University. A portion of the assistance provided is targeted towards groups under-represented in the postsecondary education system.

The program offers experiential learning throughout the university and supports experiential learning activities.

View Program Details and Significant Dates below.

Program Details
Duration September 12, 2011 to March 23, 2012
Last day to be hired December 16, 2011- for Fall hired students only (Sept 12- Dec 16)

January 18, 2012 - For Fall Winter (Sept 12 - March 23) or Winter ( Jan 4 - March 23) hired students only
Number of weeks Maximum 26 weeks
Number of positions per student 1 (An undergraduate student can hold one Fall/Winter work study /research assistant position.)
Hourly Wage Work study positions: Minimum wage $10.50/ hr. to Maximum wage of $13.50/hr. depending on job responsibilities.

$15.61/hr for Research Assistants.

Benefits 12.02%
Hours per week Maximum 15 hours - no overtime
Maximum hours Examples:

A student could work up to 340 hrs or 22 1/2 weeks (15 hrs per wk) if their hourly rate is $10.50 + 12.02% benefits

A student could work up to 288 hrs or 19 weeks (15 hrs per wk) if their hourly rates was $15.61 + 12.02% benefits
Eligibility Please check the "Am I eligible?" page. There is a link in the left hand navigation on this page.

Significant Dates for Fall/Winter 2011-2012
August 30 - Dec 16 Students interested in participating in the Fall/Winter work study program must submit an online work-study application and receive work-study approval prior to being interviewed, accepting or commencing work.
December 16 Last day of work before holiday.

Employers who submit hours between December 17 and January 3rd will have all costs charged back to their cost centre.
January 4 Approved Students go back to work or start their winter employment.

Students with a Cumulative GPA less than 2.0, are placed on probation or required to withdraw at the end of the Fall 2011 term, must notify Student Financial Assistance via email at: and resign from their work study position at the start of the Winter 2012 term.
February 7-18 SFA will audit academic records.

Students, who fail to maintain a full-time course load, clear academic standing or cumulative grade point average greater than 2.00 will be contacted by Ryerson email. Students will be paid for the hours worked and will resign from their work-study position. The work study approval will be cancelled.
March 23 Deadline for students to enter their final week's hours worked into eHr.
March 23 Work Study program ends. Last day of employment.
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How Do I Apply?

Step One Submit
The online application for Fall/Winter Work-Study will be available August 30, 2011.

Step Two Approval
If approved, print a copy of email approval.

Step Three Search
Summer work study jobs postings can be viewed in Step 1- Submit online form.

Step Four Apply
Attach copy of Work Study approval to resume when you apply for a job.
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