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Civil Engineering (PhD, MASc, MEng)


Dr. Lamya Amleh, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, McGIill University

Structural: Deterioration and rehabilitation of infrastructures; Corrosion of steel reinforcement and its protection; Effect of corrosion on bond characteristics; Evaluation of structural integrity of deteriorated structures; Sustainable development in terms of infrastructure and Society.

Dr. Mike Chapman, PEng, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, Laval University

Geomatics: Development of algorithms and processing methodologies for airborne sensors using GPS and INS; Geometric processing digital imagery in industrial environments; Terrestrial-based georeferenced imaging systems for transportation infrastructure mapping; Algorithm development and processing strategies for biometrology applications.

Dr. Said M. Easa, PEng, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of California at Berkeley

Transportation: Highway geometric design with emphasis on three-dimensional analysis; Highway design consistency; Incorporating human factors in highway design; Highway and signalized intersection capacity; Traffic operations and management; Modeling of transportation networks; Transportation systems logistics; Public transit systems; Airport level of service; Intelligent transportation systems; Geographic information systems.

Dr. Ahmed El-Rabbany, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of New Brunswick

Geomatics: GPS positioning and navigation; Geodesy; Hydrographic surveying; Estimation and data series analysis.

Dr. Khandaker M. Anwar Hossain, PEng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Strathclyde
Structural: Sustainable concrete materials/structures; Blended cement and concrete incorporating volcanic/natural materials and industrial wastes; High performance concrete including self-consolidating concrete; Durability, marine performance and fire resistance of concrete materials/structures; Thin walled/light gauge construction including buckling, stability and strength characteristics; Composite structures with tubular/sandwich construction; Composite construction with cold-formed profiled steel sheets; Hybrid construction with steel-timber-concrete composites; Bond in composite construction; High-rise concrete/composite structures; Shear dominated structural elements/systems; Finite element modeling of structures; Development of computer aided expert systems including artificial neural network modeling; Performance based design methodology.

Dr. Darko Joksimovic, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Exeter
Environmental: Development and application of decision support systems, Urban drainage systems modeling and optimization, Treatment of combined sewer overflows, Water reuse, Incident management in water distribution systems, Infrastructure asset management, Development and application of evolutionary optimization algorithms.

Dr. Reza Kianoush, PEng, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering            
PhD, University of Alberta

Structural: Analytical modeling of reinforced concrete structures subjected to earthquake loading; Performance based design of concrete liquid-containing structures; seismic rehabilitation and repair of structures using fiber reinforced polymers; Non-linear finite element analysis and modeling of reinforced concrete structures.

Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, Sherbrooke University

Structural: Behavior of structures and properties of concrete materials; High strength/performance concrete; Reactive powder concrete; Large scale and in-situ structure instrumentation; Remote monitoring of civil engineering structures; Computer simulation of structures; Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures; Non destructive testing of concrete structures; Numerical techniques for predicting thermal response of concrete structures; Confinement of concrete.

Dr. James Y. Li, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Toronto
Environmental: Modelling of watershed processes; Stormwater management practices; Urban oil spill management; Hydraulic modelling of urban drainage systems; GIS application in environmental management.

Dr. Songnian Li, PEng, OLS/OLIP, Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of New Brunswick 

Geomatics: Geographical information systems; Collaborative geographic visualization and CSCW-based geoprocessing; Integration of spatial multimedia, Internet mapping and mobile geospatial services for transportation and environmental applications; Group-based GIS tools and decision-making processes of built and planned situations in urban, transportation and environmental planning and management; Geomatics project/program management.

Dr. Jinyuan Liu, PE, PEng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, Polytechnic University
Geotechnical: Geotechnical engineering, Soil-structural interaction, Underground excavation and tunneling, Urban geotechnology, Physical modeling, Transparent soil, Digital image processing, Numerical simulation.

Dr. Grace K. Luk, PEng, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, Queen's University

Environmental: Water quality; Bioaccumulation of toxins in fish; Distribution of toxic chemicals in different trophic levels; Food chain models; Wastewater treatment: biological & chemical methods; Water mains rehabilitation; Phosphorus removal by chemical coagulation; Nitrate removal with chemical and biological methods; Mathematical modelling, hydrology, and hydraulic engineering.

Dr. Hesham Marzouk, FCSCE, P.Eng., Chair and Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Saskatchewan
Structural:  High-strength concrete design, creep analysis, building design; rehabilitation of existing concrete structural elements using fiber reinforced plastics and steel plates; offshore design; stress analysis; steel rehabilitation of columns.

Dr. Bhagwant Persaud, PEng, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Toronto
Transportation: Freeway and urban traffic management; Development of safety management tools and associated knowledge bases; Safety of traffic control and highway design elements; Evaluation of engineering improvements; Modelling of collision data; Safety of intelligent transportation systems; GIS applications in traffic safety; Safety planning.

Dr. Paul S.H. Poh, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Science
PhD, University of Edinburgh

Continuing engineering and management education; Construction project management in emerging countries: issues and practices; Construction cost estimating, planning and claims; Buildability in construction; Slope stabilization and wall forming systems.

Dr. Khaled M.E. Sennah, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, Univerisity of Windsor

Structural: Load distribution and dynamic characteristics of curved and skew bridges. Construction issues in steel curved bridges. Vehicle safety issues and transportation-related infrastructures. Codes and Standards of bridges. Numerical and experimental simulation of material failure mechanisms (concrete, steel); cyclic behavior of structural steel components; and floating-type structures and bridges. Design optimization of shell-type heavy structures (silos, bins).

Dr. Ahmed Shaker AbdElrahman, PEng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Geomatics: Geometric correction of high-resolution satellite imagery; Satellite image sensor modeling; Image analysis and data fusion; Remote Sensing of urban areas; Remote Sensing/GIS integration.

Dr. Medhat Shehata, PEng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Toronto

Structural: Alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete: mechanisms, structural effects and preventive measures; Use of supplementary cementing materials and industrial waste in concrete; Deterioration of concrete: sulphate attack, freezing and thawing and de-icer salt scaling; Performance and durability of concrete and asphalt pavements; Use of industrial waste in asphalt mixtures; Use of binder modifiers in asphalt concrete; Rutting and fatigue in asphalt pavement: testing and mitigation.

Dr. Mostafa A. Warith, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, McGill University
Environmental: Solid waste management and landfill design; Leachate recirculation and enhancement of solid waste biodegradation; Attenuation of contaminants by peat and organic soil; Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil; Treatment of landfill leachate using low cost technologies; Modelling of contaminate migration in soils; Use of enzymes to degrade hydrocarbon contamination in soils.

Dr. Arnold Yuan, PEng, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
PhD, University of Waterloo
Structural: Risk-informed life-cycle infrastructure management, reliability theory and engineering, probabilistic engineering mechanics, infrastructure deterioration management, project risk management, seismic hazard analysis, maintenance contract management, inspection and maintenance optimization.

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