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    CVEH 233 How Safe is our Food? [CLOSED]

    CKHS 100 Res. Methods. for international MDs (OPEN)



  ENH 122  Intro Epidemiology (wks 1-3 only) [CLOSED]

   ENH 440 SPECIAL Biostatistics F/14  [CLOSED] 

   ENH 522 Epidemiol: Research Methods [CLOSED]   

  ENH 825  Assess & Communication of Risk [CLOSED]

  ENH 825  2018 solutions for probabilistic risk analysis (OPEN)

  ENH 825  2017 solutions to quantitative risk analysis (OPEN)

  ENH 825  2017 Risk perception & communication pages (OPEN)



   NC 8108  Epidemiol (Nutrit.) [CLOSED ]  

   ES 8927 Environ. Risk Assessm [CLOSED] 



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The following is a selection of my responses to questions on the QUORA forum and other commentary sites and blogs  



Expiration dates, judgement and inspection of food

Foodborne Illnesses: where are the real risks?

Are infectious diseases something to be forgotten now?

Raw and organic Foods......  

Bacterial resistance threat

BSE: Mad cow disease and human risk in Canada

*  Vaccination and autism










Books on Risk Assessment & Risk Perception/Communication

Note: some of these are downloadable complete with full text!

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